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Meet Nick

A Bit About Me

I'm a passionate content creator with 10+ years of experience in storytelling, video production, and social media management across news, tech, and transportation industries. Skilled in developing engaging video content, hosting webinars and podcasts, and implementing digital strategies that drive sales and increase brand awareness.

“Nick had a tremendous impact on our sales and marketing organization. With his journalism background he came in as a natural storyteller and was able to help relate our value prop in ways that customers could hear it."

Michael Lester

General Manager, 

Trapeze Group

"I would trust Nick to manage any project in my queue. It doesn't matter if he's performing in front of camera, editing behind the scenes, coming up with campaign strategy, rocking the social media scene, or anything else. He gets stuff done."

Matt Peterson

Senior Instructional Designer, RainFocus

"Nick is a positive, go-getter with a natural ability to lead. He comes to work everyday with a smile on his face and a passion for what he does. Nick has taken on every challenge with a will to succeed and the end result is always exceptional."

Diane Giscard d'Estaing



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