The First Post Is the Deepest

July 27, 2018




Starting a blog is hard. The hardest part? The first paragraph. This is where I'm supposed to draw you in and convince you to read the words and thoughts that come out of my mind. Some of you may stick around to see what happens while others have already moved on. To those who stay, I promise that you will be entertained. You may agree, disagree, laugh, cry or scream at the words I write. I welcome it all and hope to have as much interaction with my readers (mom?) as possible.


The basis of my blog is simple - create a Top-5 list of whatever comes to mind. The topics will range from the best moments in history to the worst characters on TV. The possibilities are endless. As I embark on this new journey, I hope to not do it alone. You think my Top-5


'Best Office Characters' is garbage? Make your own! You think of a topic you'd love me to do? Tell me! If I can spark your imagination or cause you to rethink a preconceived notion - I'll have done my job.


Now that you have a gist of what the blog is going to be about, let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in a small town in North Dakota and couldn't wait to move to a bigger city. When I graduated, I traded in the snow for the sun and went to Arizona State. After four years of late nights, shenanigans and late night shenanigans - I graduated with a pair of degrees. One in journalism and the other in political science. I talk for a living and quite enjoy it.


So what gives me the right to rank a bunch of random and fun stuff? Is it because I have impeccable judgement? Maybe. Is it because I've spent years ranking the teams in my fantasy football league? Quite possibly. But I think it's mostly because I have an imaginative mind and a desire to make people laugh with my words. This is just the introduction - the fun has yet to begin.




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