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My Work

Through the years, I've worked on local news stories, customer testimonials, product demos, webinars, podcasts, blogs, emails, and thought-leading content.


Video Series

Ask the Expert

I interview thought-leaders and subject matter experts in these video conversations that explore challenges, best practices, and ongoing innovations in infrastructure asset management. I produce, script, edit, and promote these videos. 


Move Your Assets

Conversations at the crossroads of technology and transportation. For 3 years, I interviewed industry leaders in this thought-leading podcast to build brand awareness. I developed the topics, engaged with speakers, and edited the raw interviews. 


Demo Reel

Local News Stories

Working in local news gave me the opportunity to tell a wide variety of stories. Here is a demo reel of some of my favorite work. 

Creative Writing

Blogs, Emails & Video Scripts

I collaborate with subject matter experts to help write & review thought-leadership-style blogs. I write and review direct-response email copy for webinars & podcasts. I work closely with subject matter experts to write scripts for videos.

Writing on Computer

Product Demo

AgileAssets Project

A product demo video I created for my company to showcase a new product we were launching. I collaborated with internal experts to write video scripts, create slides, and narrow video focus. I recorded, produced, and edited the entire video.

Customer Stories

AgileAssets Projects

A playlist with a couple of customer testimonials that I produced for my company. I scheduled the interviews, recorded the sessions with the clients, edited the raw footage, and shared it across multiple channels.

customer testimonial.jpeg

Culture Videos

AgileAssets Projects

A small playlist of videos I wrote, shot and edited to showcase the culture at AgileAssets.

Interactive Videos

'Making the Cut'

A playlist of videos from my news days where I 'tried out' for local sports teams around the area to see if I could, "make the cut."

Making the cut.jpg
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